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Email Drip Campaign, Marketing


Targeting clients’ after sign-up with an email campaign to help improve service/product adoption in the first weeks and signaling those customers that are having a slower start.

Phase 01. Building the Campaign Logic

Mapping out campaigns on a whiteboard with sparking creativity and visualizing the user experience. Here, we determined how many emails to send, how many days to pause in between each one, and whether to send emails only when customers open or click the preceding one.

Separating each email by a few days or a week can reduce email fatigue, and triggering sending based on opens and clicks is proven to prevent unsubscribes.

Phase 02. Create Engaging Email Content

  • A welcome email: to provide a company overview and its services.
  • Educational emails about your business/brand
  • Loyalty building emails: including links to customer communities/blog/portals
  • Marketing emails, Credit services and feature highlights.
  • Schedule a call with our representatives

Once the content is ready, you can add it to Email Templates – remember, only Email Templates can be used in Engagement Studio!

Email Template Designs for Onboarding Campaign.


Phase 03. Create the Campaign in Engagement Studio

Once you have your workflow criteria, emails, and recipient list, you can build your campaign in Engagement Studio.

To add emails, locate the Plus sign (+) to add an element (Action, Trigger, and Rule ). You then can slot in an Email Template from the dropdown.


Add Element
Action: Do something.
Trigger: Listen for an event.
Rule: Evaluate a statement.

Phase 04. Activate your Campaign!

A customer email campaign can help improve service/product adoption in the first weeks after a sign-up while signaling those customers that are having a slower start. A strong campaign requires informative, relevant content and adequate spacing between emails. Once the campaign is running, you can monitor clicks and opens under the Report tab in Engagement Studio. Open and click-through rates can provide insight into the content that resonates vs. messaging that misses the mark. While Engagement Studio is designed to run continuously, pausing the campaign regularly and tweaking content or email timing can boost responsiveness.


Phase 05. Results

After evaluating the email campaign, PayCargo was pleased to find that their targeted lead nurturing campaigns had succeeded in moving leads through the sales funnel, increasing click-through rates, maximizing inquiries, and driving engaged traffic.


Does your business have an email drip campaign? Contact us today, if you will like our email campaign specialist to help build one!