Social Media


Social media is an essential part of the digital marketing mix. We live in a digital world where everything is online and social media has become more important for your business. What is social media? Social media is a way to unite the online community by different channels. It’s a digital social interaction that takes place where people can generate content, share information and engage. It’s also a way for businesses to expand and grow. It’s a direct channel of communication with your audience to see first-hand what they love, what gets them excited and how to market more specifically to them. With our help, we can take charge of your social media accounts, help you gain followers, increase brand awareness, build relationships by engaging with your audience, and overall increase your sales. Who wouldn’t want that?

What we can do for you:


  • Create and implement a social media marketing strategy
  • Provide content and manage your social media presence
  • Find your voice and target your audience to expand your appeal
  • Track conversions and campaign performance
  • Provide monthly reporting on key campaign metrics

Social Media Campaign Implementation and Management

Posting to social media may seem simple but doing it the right way is not as easy as it seems. Creating interesting content that grabs your audience’s attention along with getting your brand’s message across and figuring out the best time to post these advertisements is very time consuming. We have the ability and responsiveness to manage your social media accounts. By letting us take complete control and creating a social media campaign specifically for your business needs, you will be sure to succeed. It’s a great to grow your following, increase brand recognition, improve brand loyalty, and increase brand awareness.

What we can do for you:


  • Learn your brand’s voice
  • Learn your industry so we can understand your audience better
  • Provide the overall social media marketing strategy
  • Decide what platforms should be used to reach your goal
  • Help you determine your target market and how to reach them
  • Set up social media profiles or audit current online profiles
  • Create an editorial calendar and publishing schedule for the social media platforms we decided to use
  • Perform hashtag and keyword research
  • Create the content for your posts
  • Distribute content at the right times of the day and the week

Social Media Paid Advertising

Social Media platforms have been able to gather large amounts of information on specific demographics. We can now harness that information through social media platforms and create a very narrow target audience to directly market to. We can create advertising campaigns and can run advertisements on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule depending on your needs. We personalize your advertising campaign to your business needs and audience. This helps us see timing on posts, determine which platform is best, and view campaign run times and recommended budget. Social media advertising is evolving every day, and we want to be the one who helps your company succeed.

What we can do for you:


  • Recommend social media platforms that target your audience
  • Provide recommendations on budgets
  • Optimize social media advertising accounts and integrate conversion codes for analytics and install tracking codes on your website.
  • Create and distribute ad campaigns on a daily, weekly, monthly and campaign-wide basis
  • Create multiple running ads to target specific demographics
  • Create demographics lists to directly target potential consumers
  • Geofencing and geotargeting
  • Provide monthly reporting on all campaign key metrics

Social Media Platforms



Facebook helps people stay in touch with old friends and family members. It’s also where people engage with brands that they like. Facebook has the broadest reach, ranging from teenagers to adults over the age of 60. 72% of online American adults are on Facebook, being most popular with middle-aged adults. Facebook also has the most engaged users which creates additional opportunity.



Twitter is a platform that people visit to see what’s happening in the world. Tweets are short blurbs restricted to 140 characters per tweet. It is mostly visited by the younger generation, those ages 18-29. Males are more regular users of Twitter than females are. Many people tune into their Twitter accounts to catch up on the latest news, politics and figure heads.



Instagram is an application used for posting pictures and videos being a complete visual platform. Instagram is mostly visited by young adults ages 18-29, with more than half of teen in American are on Instagram. Due to its visual nature, it is one of the highest converting platforms for brands.



LinkedIn is a business oriented network that helps people progress in their professions. It’s become the standard for professionals to connect and share industry news. People on LinkedIn are typically from the ages of 18-54 and heavily engaged.



Youtube is a video platform that solely focuses on making it easy to post and watch videos. It has content about anything, for everyone. The most frequent visitors of YouTube are adults ages 25-34. However, many 50+ internet users are using YouTube as a main online platform for information and entertainment.



Pinterest allows users to share and discover visually appealing posts by saving their pictures on a pinboard, which is similar to creating a digital inspiration board. The majority of Pinterest users are under the age of 34 and mostly women.



Snapchat is a mobile app where pictures and videos can be sent up to ten second and then erased completely. It is extremely popular with young adults, as most Snapchat users are between the ages of 13-34. These Snapchat stories are constantly updated and very time sensitive, which helps keep up with the visually bombarded young adult demographic.

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