Geomarketing describes any form of marketing that incorporates location intelligence in order to improve the odds of a particular message reaching the right consumer at the right time. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but the common factor is that location data or awareness is used as part of the marketing effort — that’s the “geo” element.

Geo-driven market tools

Add maps to your systems


Our cartography libraries allow your system to be “geo-centric” and we work across maps: Google maps, Bing maps, OpenMaps, etc. We have integrated such technologies for many companies in extremely diverse sectors such as: Media & Advertising, Technology, Luxury, Hospitality, Real Estate & Property Development, Law, Education & Training, Tourism, Startups and more.


Make better decisions by targeting your audience


Define a territory, your territory, using socio-demographic criteria and identify where to focus your efforts according to your target audience or point of sale. Add a layer of products to buy or sell for a better focus and faster growth.

Big data integration

Analyze & dig into any kind of data


Transform raw data into actionable intelligence for more efficient business decision-making, strategy-setting and innovation of processes.
We provide skilled professionals who know how to collect, interpret, analyze and report data best gathered from multiple sources.
We plug our cartography technology into every dataset : email adresses, sales inventories, geolocalized CRM… Display any data you want to compare visually on a map.

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