Google Web Stories, SEO


Reaching new audiences with an emerging technology (Google Web Stories)

Phase 01. Enable Google Web Stories

This new plugin is a new form of AMP that is especially relevant in the Stories era of social media. The first step was installing the Google Web Stories plugin on the client website.

Google Web Stories plugin in Wordpress


Phase 02. Creating Template

Once it was installed in Wordpress, we created a Web Story template that would reflect the Adolescent branding. Each slide needed a standout headline and text blocks that provided some detail to pique interest but short enough for a story slide.


We created a branded template that we would be able to use as a base for future Google Web Stories that easily displays headlines, text and images/videos.

Phase 03. Selection of Blog Content

We started out with three (3) Web story concepts that focused on 3 Adolescent blogs. These blogs would be the foundation of the stories. The content was repurposed into short slides that were mostly visual to appeal to those just clicking through.

We took the original blog content and featured key points for each slide and found visuals that reflected the blog text.


Phase 04. Creative Assets

To stand out, we repurposed video content from Adolescent creators to highlight their talent and included them in the stories, along with gifs and photos also taken by Adolescent creators. In every Web story, we included an end slide that features a CTA that links back to Adolescent.


Phase 05. Impact

After publishing, the Web stories can be found on Google searches alongside the main blog article. The potential of Google Web Stories is huge: they’re simple, yet can be a powerful tool for storytelling. They can be viewed on mobile and desktop, and show up on Google Search and Google Images.