Brilliance Jewels




Google Ads Campaign, Marketing


Targeting potential clients online to gain more website visits and sales on E-commerce site.

Phase 01. Select the goal that would make this campaign successful to you – Select a campaign type

Keep in mind the goal you choose should be the main thing you want to achieve for your business.

Phase 02. Ad Setup

This ad campaign goal was reaching potential clients who are looking to buy jewelry items online. We are targeting them in 3 different ways

Campaign types determine where customers see your ads and the settings and options available to you.

Different types of Campaigns:

  1. Google Search: Get more sales with text or call ads that show near search results of, on Google search partners sites, and more. Ads can appear near Google Search results and other Google sites when people search for terms that are relevant to your keywords
  2. Google Shopping: Drive online and in-store sales with Shopping ads that show near the search results on Google Search, Google Images, Google Search partner sites, Google Display Network, and more.
  3. Google Display: Get more sales by showing visually striking ads across the web (online, in app, in store), and optimize your campaign’s performance with automated bidding, targeting, and ad creation. Expand your reach by showing ads to relevant customers as they browse sites, videos, and apps across the Internet

We wanted them to ultimately visit our clients E-commerce store find the item they are searching for and convert into a sale.

Campaign setup in Google AdWords.


Phase 03. Creative

Google Display Campaign: We designed the creative for this ad campaign in a way that would be eye-catching for our potential client, used popular high-end jewelry pieces to maximize attention, and encourage potential clients to click on the graphics and land on our e-commerce store to start shopping.
Display network allows you to reach users on hundreds of thousands of websites and apps across all publisher categories, from large, well-known sites to niche sites and audiences.

Google Search Campaign: We created this campaign text using relevant attention-catching headlines with the most popular competitive keywords that have a higher rate of conversion to get our Ads served to the most qualified potential client.

Google Ads allows you to take advantage of the benefits of online advertising: show your ads to the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. Google Ads offers several benefits, but here are the key ones:

  1. Target your Ads
    1. Keywords
    2. Reconnect with visitors to your website.
    3. Ad Location
    4. Age, and language
    5. Days, times, and frequency
    6. Devices
    7. Control your costs
    8. Measure your success
    9. Tackle your competition better.
    10. Manage your campaigns

Google Shopping Campaign: We designed this campaign to display our client’s e-commerce products and brand in the Google Shopping spotlight. Google Shopping Ads ensure your products will appear above organic search results, doing so we will be able to expand your brand’s online visibility easily and effectively. One of the reasons these ads are so good at matching prospective customers to your business is that your products are shown based on the shopper’s keywords. This means your products are displayed to users who are already interested in what you sell.


We featured branded graphics and used popular jewelry items to immediately catch the attention of potential buyers online.

Phase 04. Copy

The copy was created with attention-catching headlines and text, mentioning big relevant brands that potential clients are currently searching for, but also making sure it hit points like “high-end, estate jewelry” and “jewelry shopping” so they know visiting this one-stop Jewelry store is there best option.

Google Shopping and Search campaign with a copy that targets potential jewelry buyers.


Phase 05. Results

Once the Campaign was and created and set up, the ads were turned on all placements and getting served to all potential clients/audiences.


In total, the campaign saw over 1,040,000 impressions, over 6,200 clicks on to the E-commerce store, and 17 conversion sales (Sold Items).