Seybold Building




Facebook Ad Campaign, Marketing


Target tourists in a key downtown area in order to gain more visits to the iconic Seybold Building.

Phase 01. Ad Setup

This ad campaign started with the goal of reaching tourists who might be looking for activities to do while in Miami. We wanted them to ultimately visit the Seybold website to get directions to the building, but in an eye-catching way. We decided to use Facebook Ads’ native “Instant experience” feature that creates a landing page right there on the ad.

Campaign setup in Facebook Ads Manager.


Phase 02. Creative

We designed the creative for this ad in a way that would be eye-catching for tourists, with a Miami theme and branded graphics throughout the actual ad and the instant experience landing page.


We featured branded graphics to show off the jewelry pieces as well as catch the attention of tourists who want a Miami experience.

Phase 03. Copy

The copy was intended to include some context of the Seybold brand for the target audience that isn’t familiar with the brand, but also making sure it hit points like “affordable” and “shopping,” so they know visiting this building is an option to add to their Miami itinerary.

A look at the ad and the Miami themed instant experience with copy that targets tourists.


Phase 04. Results

Once the instant experience was created and set up, the ads were turned on with mobile ad placements on Facebook and Instagram feed and stories.

In total, the campaign saw over 180,000 impressions and reached over 85,000. 

Not bad!