PayCargo helps their customers save time and money through their fintech platform. Alongside their digital marketing, we create their print marketing materials and develop their website.

LSN Partners

LSN Partners, LSN Government Affairs, LSN Communications, and LSN Global Projects provides strategic advice and consultation services from a team of accomplished professionals with experience at all levels of business and government.  We developed and designed a modern website accentuating their expertise in all their practice areas. We also provide regular maintenance services to keep […]

Maison Valentine

Maison Valentine is a charming French pastry shop and café located in the heart of Miami Beach. Brigitte Cavallero and her son Bastien, in collaboration with pastry chef Stéphane Merlat, are leading this new little corner of France with a chic Parisian décor. We successfully developed and launched a comprehensive visual identity and e-commerce platform, […]

Genesis Yacht

As part of a promotional campaign for Genesis Yacht company we created a beautiful piece showing the history of this company. Thanks to some stunning aerial views, a masterful editing and carefully selection of interviews, the result is a beautiful video showing and telling the story of Genesis Yacht.

Card Imagine

In March 2016, Media-Query was contracted by Card-Imagine. They were looking to create an entire collection of Laser/Cut Pop-Up Cards. We came up with hundreds of unique designs for popular themes such as: Birthdays, Christmas, Love, and even U.S. Cities and Museums, just to name a few.

One Two Lash

Beauty exists as a global luxury and lifestyle. Those were our thoughts when we created and developed this classy, clean and beautiful E-Commerce website.

Biden for President

We were commissioned to design digital advertisements for the 2020 Presidential campaign, crafting visually appealing content that aligned with the client’s brand and objectives. We utilized a data-driven approach to create the most effective ads for reaching the target audience and created eye-catching designs that captured their attention.

Lighthouse Business Capital

Lighthouse Business Capital, a financial services company specializing in small business solutions, approached us to create a new website to promote their services. Our team collaborated with them to design a user-friendly, visually appealing website that accurately represents their brand and offerings. The website features clear calls-to-action, streamlined navigation, and comprehensive information about Lighthouse Business […]

Adolescent Content

Adolescent Content is a Gen Z agency specializing in Gen Z advertising and marketing. We created and executed a SEO strategy for their website, lead display ads, PPC, and other digital marketing strategies.