AdWords is the way to advertise your products or services on Google. When someone searches for a keyword or phrase, it triggers the ad to appear as the first results on Google. AdWords works through bidding on specific keywords, setting a budget, and paying for each click to your website. It’s highly effective, measurable and provides immediate results.

What we can do for you:


  • Create and optimize your Google AdWords Account for Google Search and Display Networks. We can also set up Google Merchant accounts for Google Shopping campaigns
  • Create compelling AdWords campaigns, ad groups and ads based on campaign, keyword strategy and competitor analysis
  • Set up daily budget, geography and bidding strategy and maximum cost-per-click restrictions
  • Landing page creation and review, to ensure that each ad is going to the proper landing page

Text ads

Are the most simple and classic online ads on Google. They are solely text and could appear at the top, bottom, or side of Google’s search results, often times appearing to be organic results. These ads a great way to immediately drive traffic to your website.

Display ads

Are advertisements that are located on another website than your own. Display ads can be shown to people that have previously visited your website through remarketing or through targeted placement through Google’s large network of websites. With these display ads, we can target specific demographics and specific consumer profiles. We use our in-house creative team to produce stunning and compelling visuals.

Google shopping

Is a way to sell products directly to online shoppers. Google shopping shows a picture of the product along with the title, price, and name of the store in a carousel layout. Google Shopping puts your brand’s product on the top of Google, gaining brand awareness and increased sales.

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